Rupert Grint Chronology: January - March 2009

13 January

Three new photos appear online from the set of “Cherrybomb":

21 January

The first hi-res "Cherrybomb" poster is released:

26 January

It is announced that Rupert will take part in a Q & A at the "Cherrybomb" premiere at Berlinale  

27 January

Rupert’s “Cherrybomb” co-star, Kat Kirk, gives a brief interview speaking about his role in the film, saying:

What’s your opinion on Rupert’s acting in this film?
Kat: Rupert played the part of Malachy well. He’s a very talented guy and really brought Malachy to life. I don’t want to give too much away though!

Did he nail the accent according to you?
Kat: The Northern Irish accent is a tricky one because it can be really difficult to replicate and I imagine this could have caused some alarm. I remember when I first met Rupert and Kimberley, I told them as long as you pretend you’re a pirate when pronouncing the letter “r” then there shouldn’t be a problem! I like to think they took my advice, I thought it was pretty good!

28 January

It is announced that "Cherrybomb" will be screening at the Jameson Dublin Film Festival in Ireland on February 20.

8 February

"Cherrybomb" makes it's premiere at the Berlinale Film Festival. Check out our coverage here.

10 February

The Hollywood Reporter asks Rupert on his thoughts regarding filming for Deathly Hallows, to which he comments:

Fourteen months for Part 1 and Part 2, more or less back-to-back. It's going to be long, but it's going to be good I think, I really liked the book and the script," he said. "It's going to be quite a thing when it's over because it'll be half my life exactly. I think I will miss it, because I've had some good times on it.

18 February

MTV publishes a teaser for their set visit to Half-Blood Prince, featuring a new photo of Rupert as Ron, and quote from Jessie Cave:

"Newcomer Jessie Cave — known better as Lavender Brown — regaled us us about her unrehearsed kiss with budding stud Rupert Grint .And of course, there’s the important scene at the end on top of the Hogwarts castle ramparts."

26 February

It is annouced that Rupert will grace the April 2009 cover of BLAG Magazine:

In an accompanying press release, Rupert says:

“I really enjoy it because it is a totally different world. I think we do get a bit spoilt on Harry Potter. I really prefer the pace of these sorts of films – on this one you do maybe seven scenes a day – so it moves really quickly. It’s exciting.”

8 March

Total Film releases a one page interview with Rupert, briefly discussing his role in Deathly Hallows.  On the conclusion of the series, Rupert says:

"I really liked it, it was a good ending. It was not what I expected, actually. For some reason, I thought at least one of me, Dan, Emma was going to not make it. But I think it's going to be cool, the whole 20 years later thing. It should be fun. They'll age us up."

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Rupert Grint Chronology: October - December 2008

1 October

New hi-res images of the UK Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince sticker book have been released. These include a picture of Ron in a keeper uniform, Ron and Lavender, the Weasleys and Ron in bed.

26 October

- A new international trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is released featuring Ron kissing Lavender.

- Rupert talks food in British Airways High Life Magazine. This particular section featured quotes from various celebrities detailing their most memorable meals. Rupert's include various haggis platters he encountered in Scotland and a traditional Japanese meal!  

29 October

An assortment of official movie stills from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince are released: 




29 October  

A new interview is uploaded of Rupert attending the Tiger Woods PGA Golf Event earlier this year:

The interview features lots of random questions! Find out what Rupert’s favourite animal is to eat, how he thinks the world is going to end and his favourite smell.

3 November

A new signed photo of Rupert is auctioned off at the Make-A-Wish Foundation’s Crystal Ball in Dublin, Ireland: 

11 November

A new picture of Ron in his quidditch gear is released in the Harry Potter and Half-Blood Prince Brazilian sticker book:

14 November

A new Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince trailer is released! The trailer features Ron under the influence of the love potion, and passing out:

2 December

Rupert is ranked as number 31 in Teen Magazine's "Hottest Stars of 2008”.

18 December

3 new pictures of Rupert in Cherrybomb are released:

A synopsys of the movie is also posted on the Little Film Company's website:

Best friends Luke, and Malachy are finally ready to enjoy their summer. Yet, when the stunning Michelle moves to town unexpectedly, these two best friends soon become worst enemies. With a resistance to boredom, Michelle seductively encourages a dirty competition for her heart. What was supposed to have been a relaxing vacation transforms into a wild ride of drinking, drugs, sex and a deadly end to the competition.

17 December

A press release was released announcing the world premiere of Rupert’s new film, Cherrybomb.

It was announced that the premiere would be held at the Berlin Film Festival in February 2009, with Berlinale is taking place 5-12 February 2009 in Berlin, Germany.

A new still from the movie was also released:  

17 December 

Rupert and Tom Felton attend the Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Party.

30 December

Warner Bros have released new high res photos from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, first seen in CineLive magazine.

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Rupert Grint Chronology: July - September 2008

2 July

It is confirmed that Rupert is to star in the film ‘Cherry Bomb’, release set for September 2009.

The film is described as “a gritty thriller about two teenagers who get into trouble when they both fall for the new girl in town.”

Watch the trailer: 

New pictures are released of the Harry Potter cast and crew in USA Today! Here’s Rupert; read more about the cast and crew in this article:

7 July

More pictures are released from the Half Blood Prince by Warner Bros. Here is Daniel Radcliffe (Harry), Rupert (Ron) and Bonnie Wright (Ginny) with director David Yates.

Another picture with Daniel, Rupert and Emma in the Great Hall is also released.

Pictures from the Second Annual F1 Party that  Rupert Grint attended to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital are available here.

A new video surfaces of Rupert Grint on the set of Cherry Bomb.

The short interview with co-star James Nesbitt talk about the new movie and what made them want to star in the film:

30 July

Rupert speaks with MTV on the set about the teaser trailer for the Half-Blood Prince. He reveals that he hadn’t seen the trailer but “It’s only a teaser, to get people excited.” He also mentions that he was excited that one of his favourite scenes as Ron is given a quick glimpse!

The second interview by MTV features Rupert talking about the scene in Half-Blood Prince where he is poisoned; and not just because he ate Harry’s chocolate’s from Romilda Vane.

15 August

Another four pictures were released from Half-Blood Prince, one of which is Ron and Lavender in the Gryffindor Common Room:

24 August

Rupert turns the big 2-0!

26 August

Half-Blood Prince Calendar previews are realeased online. Ron and Lavender feature in the month of June, having a cheeky private moment!

6 September 

Teen Vogue interviews Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson where the trio dishes about romance on screen, kisses, cuddles and relationships on camera.

In the interview Daniel Radcliffe comments on Ron’s kiss with Lavender:

Did you give Rupert any advice on his kissing scenes?
Dan: I wasn't there because they filmed the actual kiss after I had gone home one day. I couldn't watch it and laugh at him, which was deeply annoying. I love watching the scenes where Lavender swoons over Ron. I think there's a little bit of Rupert looking embarrassed, which makes me really laugh.

More on the interview can be found here

5 September 

Rupert Grint is officially cast in ‘Wild Target’ alongside Harry Potter co-star, Helena Bonham-Carter. The drama/comedy is based on a French film; “Cible Emouvante,”(1993). Filming is said to begin on 16th September.

7 September 

Rupert is interviewed in Teen Magazine, talking about kissing scenes with Lavender Brown (Jessie Cave):

"Yeah, I went to some of the final stages of the auditions. It was really cool to be involved in that side of it, not that I really had any say. There were some good girls, but we didn’t do the kiss. We didn’t even talk about the kiss until the day we actually did it. But Jessie (Cave), who got the part of Lavender, is really cool.”

14 September

Rupert Grint attends EA Sports Tiger Woods PGA 2009 event at The Grove Golf Club, England. Grint was said to talk part in the Golf event earlier in September in Hertfordshire, England. Here is a picture of our man on the green looking rather pro!

17 September

Production of ‘Wild Target’ begins in London today before moving onto the Isle of Man on 7th October! A brief synopsis and description of the film was also revealed:

Wild Target is a comedy about uptight Victor Maynard (Nighy), a middle-aged, solitary assassin, who lives to please his formidable mother Louisa (Eileen Atkins), despite his own peerless reputation for lethal efficiency. His professional routine is interrupted when he finds himself drawn to one of his intended victims, Rose (Emily Blunt). He spares her life, unexpectedly acquiring a young apprentice in the process, Tony (Rupert Grint). Believing Victor to be a private detective, his two new companions tag along, while he attempts to thwart the murderous attentions of his unhappy client (Rupert Everett).”

22 September

High resolution pictures are released from ‘Wild Target’.

29 September

More pictures from Half-Blood Prince are released online. This time they’re of Ron at Quiddich try-outs and Ron under the influence of a love potion:

Rupert also features in an article by MTV talking about ‘Cherrybomb’.

For the trailer, see below:

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Rupert Grint Chronology: April - June 2008

4 April, 2008 

PopstarOnline Awards nominates Rupert in their “Best Male Actor” category and opens voting to registered users of their site. 

7 April, 2008

Rupert attends a special Jack the Ripper Experience opening at The London Dungeon. 

10 April, 2008

A line of Harry Potter themed wool is released from Opal as promotion for Half-Blood Prince:

21 April, 2008

New Harry Potter toys from Gentle Giant previewed at New York Comic Con include a Ron Weasley figure in Quidditch uniform, riding on his broom.

8 May, 2008

In an article for ASOS Magazine, Jessie Cave (Lavender Brown) comments on her on-screen kiss with Rupert Grint in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince:

“It was a bit embarrassing. Our first screen kiss was on my third day of shooting.” says Jessie. 

“It’s been an amazing experience though. I’ve been completely immersed in the Harry Potter world since filming started last year.”

30 May, 2008

Driving Lessons receives a release in Singapore theatres, set for June 2008.

31 May, 2008

Rupert gives an interview for the book “How to be a Teenage Millionaire.” The book is available for purchase from Amazon, here.

1 June, 2008

A new Half-Blood Prince image is found, depicting Harry, Ron and Hermione chatting in Ron’s room at The Burrow:

New fan photos appear online from Rupert’s 2007 trip to Lanzarote. The photos appear to have been taken at a Western themed amusement park.

25 June, 2008

After the tragic death of actor Robert Knox (Marcus Belby), a memorial service is held. Several members of the Harry Potter cast and crew attend the service, including Rupert.

An announcement is made that Rupert will be attending the second annual F1 Party, hosted by the Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity, on Wednesday, 2 July, 2008 at the Bloomsbury Ballroom in London.

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Rupert Grint Chronology: January - March 2008

January 18, 2008

Rupert Grint Interviews with The Cinema Source for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – Interview by Michael Dance 

February 8, 2008

Rupert Grint Talks Driving Lessons with View at the Bay

A new interview with Rupert Grint surfaces with The Daily Snitcher for Prisoner of Azkaban

February 24, 2008

T4 Interviews Rupert Grint & Emma Watson for Order of the Phoenix

March 1, 2008

Emma Thompson, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson donate clothes for Sense's charity auction

March 18, 2008

Rupert discusses filming Quidditch scenes for “Half-Blood Prince” with The Sun

March 29, 2008

Daily Spy reports "Rupert Grint Not Ready to Appear Naked

March 29, 2008

Rupert Grint appears on Al Murray’s Happy Hour Show

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It's Only a Play - Full Press Release






" I T ' S  O N L Y  A  P L A Y "



New York, NY– Producers Tom Kirdahy, Roy Furman, and Ken Davenport announced today that Rupert Grint, internationally known for his star-making, decade-long portrayal of Ron Weasley in the blockbuster 8-part Harry Potter film franchise, will make his Broadway debut as acclaimed young director Frank Finger in the star-studded Broadway production of Terrence McNally's uproarious comedy, It's Only A Play.

In a brief statement, Rupert Grint said, "I'm thrilled to be making my Broadway debut alongside this amazing cast and creative team."

As previously announced, Academy Award® winner F. Murray Abraham, Tony Award® winner Matthew Broderick, Tony Award® winner Stockard Channing, Tony Award® winner Nathan Lane, Emmy Award® winner Megan Mullally, and newcomer Micah Stock, will also star in It's Only a Play featuring direction by Tony Award® winner Jack O’Brien. It's Only a Play will play a limited 17-week engagement at Broadway's Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre (236 West 45th Street) beginning fall 2014, with an opening night set for Thursday, October 9.

Tickets are available by visiting For groups of 20 or more, call 855-329-2932. Tickets will be available at the Schoenfeld Box Office (236 West 45th Street) starting July 31. For more information,

In It's Only a Play, it’s opening night of Peter Austin's (Matthew Broderick) new play as he anxiously awaits to see if his show is a hit. With his career on the line, he shares his big First Night with his best friend, a television star (Nathan Lane), his fledgling producer (Megan Mullally), his erratic leading lady (Stockard Channing), his wunderkind director (Rupert Grint), an infamous drama critic (F. Murray Abraham), and a fresh-off-the-bus coat check attendant (Micah Stock) on his first night in Manhattan. It’s alternately raucous, ridiculous and tender — and proves that sometimes the biggest laughs happen offstage.

Mr. McNally—a four-time Tony® Award winning playwright—recently celebrated the premiere of his 20th Broadway production, Mothers and Sons, which marks his 50th year on Broadway. Mothers and Sons was nominated for Best Play at the 2014 Tony® Awards, and currently plays through June 22, 2014 at the Golden Theatre.

RUPERT GRINT showed an interest in acting from an early age, appearing in productions put on by his school and local theatre group. 2001 saw Rupert make his professional acting debut when he won the role of Ron Weasley in the adaptation of J.K.Rowlings’ popular book Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. This performance gained Rupert three nominations, two of which he won; one for Special Achievement and the other the Young Actor’s Award. Following his success in the first Harry Potter film, Rupert starred as a young madcap professor in Thunderpants (2002) alongside Simon Callow, Stephen

Fry and Paul Giamatti. Rupert then returned to his acclaimed role of Ron Weasley in the adaptations of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002), Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004), Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005), and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007). Rupert’s return to the role of Ron landed him more award nominations and leading film magazine Empire presented Rupert and his co-stars, Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson, with the prestigious Outstanding Contribution Award in recognition of their performances in all of the Harry Potter films.

In between Harry Potter films, Rupert focused on expanding his acting to other roles, appearing as the voice of Peter Pan in BBC documentary Happy Birthday, Peter Pan (2005) with an all-star cast including Johnny Depp, Dustin Hoffman and Cat Deeley. Rupert also starred in films Driving Lessons (2006), which went on to win 3 of 5 award nominations, and the independent British film Cherrybomb (2009) which screened to critical acclaim at film festivals in the UK and Europe. Rupert then went on to star in the UK comedy Wild Target which was also released in the USA in October 2010. Rupert was excitedly nominated for ‘Performance of the year’ at the 2010 National Movie Awards and in the same year it was widely reported that Martin Scorsese, the legendary movie-maker said of Rupert "I thought he (Grint) was a great actor in the Harry Potter movies. In a lot of scenes, the boy stole the show.”

In 2010 Rupert finished filming the final two parts of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Part 1 was released in November 2010 with part 2 out July 2011. 2011 also saw Rupert complete filming Cross of Honour in Norway, where he played the joint lead alongside David Kross and Lars Eidinger. This was released in the UK in October 2012. 2013 will then see Rupert star as Cheetah Chrome in CBGB (October) followed by The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman (November) where he stars opposite Shia LeBeouf. In October 2013, Rupert made his West End Debut in the highly antipicated revival of Jez Butterworth’s MOJO. He starred as Sweets, alongside Daniel Mays, Ben Whishaw, Colin Morgan, Brendan Coyle and Tom Rhys Harries. The role earned him a What’s On Stage Award for Best Newcomer.

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Rupert Grint Filmography: It's Only a Play

After Mojo took London's West End by storm, it was announced on June 17th 2014 that Rupert would be taking on his second stage project as one of the titular roles in Terrance McNally's Broadway production, "It's Only a Play".

In an all-star cast aside the likes of Matthew Broderick, Nathan Lane and Stockard Channing, Rupert will portray Frank Finger, the director of a new play by a new playwright (Broderick). The playwright's best friend (Lane), his producer (Mullally), the show's leading lady (Channing), a play critic (Abraham), and a young coat attendant (Stock) join the story as the playwright awaits to see if what he wrote will be a hit. 

The play will be directed by Jack O'Brien in a limited 17-week release beginning October 9th, 2014

Click here for showtimes and tickets.

Full Press Release

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