Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: Film Reviews

Editor's Selection of Reviews for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002)

“Grint is funnier than before, and although Ron is constantly in Harry’s shadow, to the audience he’s every bit as much a hero.”
Box Office Mojo

“But of the three young leads, I must admit to having an insatiable appetite for the humor that Grint and the character of Ron Weasley bring to the film. He does a hilarious “scared” better than most youngsters, and I look forward to more of it as the series continues.”
Cinema Speak

“Rupert Grint is the star of the show. The number of facial expressions this boy can make is astounding, and he is the most credible of the three, as I think he is the most like his character.”

“Grint already has the best name for a comic actor, and he demonstrates the willingness to look foolish that all great comic actors need: I’m sure he has no control over the adolescent cracking of his voice, which swings into a high falsetto when Ron is scared or nervous, which is often, but he gets high marks for allowing himself to take advantage of a situation that makes most teenaged boys cringe with embarrassment.”
Flick Filosopher

“We’ve got Harry and his best buds Hermione (Emma Watson) and Ron (Rupert Grint); managing to out act most of the top actors in the United Kingdom… and that’s how it should be.”
Greenwich Village Gazette

“Grint, even at his young age is showing real promise for comic timing and I predict that he will see character acting success long after the Potter series has finished.”
Guess the Gross

“Still, it’s Grint that’s the standout among the three. He’s a magnetic actor, and his facial expressions are priceless. Grint’s the perfect comedian to Radcliffe’s straight man. ”
IBS Network

“Rupert (Ron) is definitely the best of the three at playing his part. He certainly has become Ron.”

“Grint shows he’s becoming a delightful comic actor with a highly flexible voice. He quite capably handles much of the slapstick (some of the funniest bits involve his backfiring magic wand) and also gets the majority of the movie’s best lines.”
James Sanford

“Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley, the hapless third member of the team, is still the best thespian of the three. With a rubbery face that can go from confused to terrified in less time than it takes to tell, he’s the one with the most childlike quality and the one in which we invest the most emotional stake.”
Killer Movie Reviews

“But Rupert Grint’s Ron alone is worth the price of admission, particularly when up-chucking slugs.”
Pittsburgh Post Gazette

“Radcliffe, however is overshadowed by the wonderful performances Grint and Watson turn in… If Harry is Luke, then Ron Weasley is Han Solo, and Grint perfectly portrays him.”
Reno Gazette Journal

“And as Ron, Rupert Grint again steals the show among the child actors. His voice now has a Peter Brady-esque crack, but there’s no way to not laugh at the way he crinkles up his face in frightening situations.”
State Journal Register

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