Exclusives from Diagon Alley: Panel Interviews

For our final day of exclusive content from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter: Diagon Alley, we've got panel interviews! The cast and creators talk all about their favorite parts and the journey to make Diagon Alley come to life.

After the opening date (July 8!) announcement, the cast came together for a quick panel interview on a Gringotts vault set. James and Oliver Phelps, Matthew Lewis and Evanna Lynch answer questions about the park and the difference between film sets and the real thing.

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When asked how they thought their characters would feel about muggles roaming about the wizarding world, the Phelps/Weasley twins answered simply "cha-ching!" 

Evanna commented, in a very Luna manner, Diagon Alley brings out the child in everyone, which magic has a tendency to do.

Next, in the extravagant Leaky Cauldron restaurant, the Universal Creative Team joined to talk about the emmense project that came to life in Diagon Alley. Being an artist, Rupert would have been a great help in designing. They were taking ideas from the cast as well!

Tom Felton joined Helena Bonham Carter to talk about being bad, how her kids reacted to her frightening character and Bellatrix's fashion sense (which we all remember Ron in his dark disguise in Gringotts).

We see part of the Weasley family once again on another panel with Matthew Lewis and Evanna Lynch. Bonnie Wright talks about what her ideas were for some new attractions. They continued to be amazed how more emersed you can be in Diagon Alley than on set. The Weasley family loved seeing their brother on the Hogwarts Express!

Lastly, we have Warwick Davis, Domhnall Gleeson and Robbie Coltrane talking about funny stories and what they recorded for the new Escape from Gringotts ride. We see Warwick as a goblin again, Bill Weasley and a wet Ron all in constume on the ride. Domhnall thought it strange to almost interact with himself on the ride.

We hope you've enjoyed our coverage of the Diagon Alley preview. We cannot wait to see your reactions when you see the magical world for yourself in July!

If you don't mind spoilers, take a look at all the photos from the park, red carpet and more in our gallery!

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