Happy Birthday Stephanie!

This past December, Steph and I visited the Harry Potter Exhibition in Times Square. We’d been excited to visit for almost 2 years, since the first time it stopped in NYC.

To me, there’s no-one in the world who knows Rupert’s (or possibly even the Harry Potter) history like she does. If you visit Steph’s house, she has various versions of both the book and movie series carefully arranged on a shelf in her room...as well as an action figure or two.

The same goes for magazines she’s collected over the years with the trio (or Rupert) on the cover. Lovingly organized in her office, they’re kept safe in the manner of a true fan who cherishes the history of the last ten years.

When we reported together from the last Deathly Hallows press conference in 2011 it was, despite having worked on RG.net together since 2005, the first time we had met in person. I remember Rupert entering the room and Steph and I taking turns playfully jabbing one another in the ribs...he’ll never lose that effect on us. Steph got to ask the first question which, to this date, she can’t remember.

If there’s one thing I can tell you, it’s that Steph is usually quite a cool character. But in those moments, I’ve never seen her more excited.

However on the flip side of this, when she got sorted into Hufflepuff on Pottermore almost two years ago, I’ve never seen her more annoyed.

“I’m a Gryffindor!” Steph ranted, “What the hell does Pottermore know anyway?!!”

“Oh sure,” I joked, “You know...it’s not like it was written by J.K. or anything.”

So it came as a surprise to me when we entered the beginning area of the HP Exhibit, where guests sit with the Sorting Hat, and Steph *willingly volunteered* the fact that she was Hufflepuff to be sorted as such, with that little bit of badger pride. And I couldn’t help but smile.

Because the truth is, Steph’s always been a Hufflepuff.

From the point that we met in 2004 on Livejournal and started our long journey here, her task of reporting news on Rupert to his fans has been a relentless one filled with love and dedication.

And if there’s a second thing I can tell you, it’s that there would be no RupertGrint.net without Steph.

So, please join us in wishing her the best birthday yet through the comments and giving a great big huge ‘thank you!!!’ for all of her hard work over the last 8 years.

We love you, S!

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Submitted by Claire on Wed, 05/22/2013 - 05:43

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