Mojo: Opening Night Press Reviews and Images

After two and a half long weeks of previews, the press' reviews for Mojo are finally here!

Opening night seems to have gone superbly and reviews are flowing in from some of the West End's toughest critics.  We've summarised them for you below, as well as their awarded star rating.

"But in fact all but Grint, who is making his professional theatre debut but absolutely deserves to be in their company, have substantial stage experience, so the play isn't compromised." - **** from Mark Shenton, London Theatre

"...the show looks set to become a smash hit all over again, with a cast that includes Rupert Grint of Harry Potter fame in his stage debut, the mesmerising Ben Whishaw, and Daniel Mays, an actor of compelling virtuosity who is at the top of his game here.” - **** from The Telegraph

You won't find much better ensemble acting than this, nor a play that so effectively punctures the pretensions of a hermetic gangland culture.” - **** from The Guardian

"Rupert Grint (Ron from the Harry Potter films) makes an assured stage debut as Sweets, a pill-popping, pill-dealing kid with a hollow confidence. His opening dialogue with Daniel Mays’s garrulous, sweaty Potts is played out at a beguilingly brisk comic pitch." - **** from The London Times

"Unmissable." - ***** from WhatsonStage

"As Sweets, Rupert Grint makes an impressive stage debut as sidekick’s sidekick..." - **** from TimeOut

"Rupert Grint thankfully cuts the mustard in his stage debut as Sweets. Vaguely reminiscent of Harry Potter’s Ron, but with more pills and swearing; gormless and always slightly wired. Grint is blessed with natural comic timing that cannot be taught – he is almost constantly on stage and manages humour even when he’s not saying anything." - BargainTheatreland

"Rupert Grint, making his stage debut, holds his own as drug-addled fool Sweets." - The London Evening Standard

More below:

The Express | The Arts Desk | Radio Times | Official London Theatre | The Daily Mail

Our congratulations to the entire cast and crew!

If you haven't seen it yet, tickets are still available here and our Mojo Christmas Giveaway (where you can win not one, not two but THREE tickets to see the show on Xmas Eve!) is here.

HQ images from the evening are available below:

Stage | Curtain Call | After Party

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