Exclusive Artist: Samantha Grint

We are so honoured to introduce our March 2012 exclusive artist to you: Samantha Grint.

Latest News: Enter the 2012 3Music Competition - 2011 Winner Samantha Grint 

Samantha Grint has always loved performing and music. From the early age of 7, she would often perform for her family and friends. However, it wasn't until the age of 11 that she seriously started becoming involved in both the piano and keyboard; it began with a couple of initial piano lessons which didn't work out, and so Sammy embarked upon her own method of self-teaching herself to play.

Starting with her favorite songs, soon followed her ability for writing and composing and by the age of 12, Samantha had penned a couple of original songs. As her ambition grew, she was gradually enhancing her talent for both playing and composing.

Samantha then began to play at school, building her confidence slowly by performing music shows in front of parents and school friends. Her unique style and ability became more and more evident, and eventually she found herself playing in front of bigger audiences and winning school talent shows. Samantha relished the opportunity to play in front of the whole school and at small private parties.

As she constantly played and wrote, the next natural step was for her to record her first demo disc. And so she did, in a north London studio with the songs Back Seat and Nancy in 2008/9.

Samantha has continued to write and play since and recently, after being entered by her mum in the Hertfordshire 3 music competition, Samantha came from over 200 entries to win the final countdown show at the forum nightclub in Hatfield. Here she won a professional recording of her song ‘Un-Ordinary’, available for download on iTunes now.

Samantha has gone on to perform at local charity events, and sang at the 2011 Luton town and Welwyn Garden City Christmas light show with Heart FM. 2011 also saw her performing live on air at Hertfordshire’s Jack FM breakfast show.

In the meantime, she has been asked, and is planning to, record more songs and will be putting together a schedule of events over the coming months for promotion - keep your eyes on RupertGrint.net for more information!

Samantha is eager to play more live shows and promote her music as much as possible. With Rupert’s full support of course, as he often not only helps her at the events but also lends support at home. "He’s really supportive when I play and write", Sam says.

Sammy's artist name is "The Ghost of Samantha," owing to her naturally shy demeanor. However, when she performs, she becomes another 'Samantha', an alter ego - her ‘ghost’ is just her fun, spooky, way of performing as a slightly different character of herself.

With a growing following on both her Facebook and MySpace sites, Samantha has built a small fan base who call themselves, appropriately, "Little Ghosts".


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Submitted by Claire on Sat, 02/18/2012 - 19:09

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