Exclusive Covers: June 2012

Oasis' "She's Electric"

Rupert Grint has repeatedly listed Oasis as one of his favorite bands and once gave their name when asked, during an interview on a golf course, his opinion on the answer to the question "best band ever."

Oasis was selected for RupertGrint.net's list of bands to cover, but Nick Wilson, our featured artist for June, selected Oasis from the list and chose "She's Electric" for his cover.


The Cover Artist...

Nick Wilson

Nick is an aspiring musician from the UK. He has gained internet popularity from his series of cover songs via his YouTube channel, all arranged and performed and recorded by Nick himself. He also writes and records his own music, mostly acoustic, which you can find on his personal YouTube channel as well.

Take a listen to more of Nick's music and subscribe to his channel on YouTube here!

Q&A with Nick

Q: How did you get started in music?

The first time I ever started playing guitar was way back in year 4 of primary school, but I quit after a year of lessons because I didn't learn anything... I guess the first time I ever really thought I could do this music stuff was a few years back. I used to play to people in music lessons in year 9, and I guess they liked it and I liked it so I started teaching myself from then on. It just seemed like a fun thing to do and turned into something I was actually remotely good at! So for the past 4 years, I've just been teaching myself and learning by ear.

Q: What types of music are you inspired by and what is your favorite type to play/write?

A: I'd have to give you the cheesy answer and say that basically all music inspires me... to a certain extent (I don't class Justin Bieber as music). I mean I listen to a lot of artists with different styles and genres, whether it's Isaac Slade's voice or John Mayer's guitar work, and I guess they all just combine to make one mesh of musical inspiration in my mind, if that makes any sense. My favorite type to play is definitely acoustic, and usually slower songs because I think they give you a lot more room to mess around. Turning songs acoustic, that's a lot of fun too. Writing music is pretty much the same, and I love writing acoustic music, with lots of guitar. I just think that everything sounds better with acoustic guitar.

Q: Are there any specific artists or bands that have influenced your own music?

A: I wouldn't say that my music is influenced purely by one artist, because I think my music is sort of a mesh of every artist I listen to, and that's the same for every musician out there. My music definitely has vibes of The Fray, probably some of James Vincent McMorrow's guitar style and some Bon Iver, but then if you wanted to get really in depth then you could take a lot of different influences from my music. I try to listen to a lot of music when writing, to basically eliminate any blatant influences; I just write music that I would enjoy listening to myself.

Q: What do you like to do when you aren't performing or writing music?

A: This is going to make me sound like probably the biggest slob in the world, but if I'm not writing or messing around on the guitar, I am usually watching TV or films which always turn out to be worse than they seem - I blame Netflix entirely. Music is genuinely the biggest past time of mine and is genuinely what I do most; it sounds cliche but it's true!

Q: Give us a random, fun fact about yourself.

A: Hmmm. I can play the crazy frog song with my cheeks...

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