First photo from Cherrybomb!

Bloody hell! The Daily Mail today has published what may very well be our first look at Rupert in Cherrybomb! A warning though: it's not your typical first look and if you don't like the sight of blood- squint!

Click to see!

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Sighting in Belfast

The Belfast Telegraph has an article up this morning chronicling the adventures of the Cherrybomb cast and crew.

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New Interview with Rupert on the Set of Cherrybomb

An interview with Rupert on the set of Cherrybomb aired last night on the local news in Northern Ireland. Thanks to Lauren and her friend Scrib we have the video capture here on YouTube! Or you can download it here.

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HBP Merchandise, Trailer Rumors

Some bits and bobs to talk about today:

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New Teaser Trailer for HBP with The Dark Knight? (UPDATED 2x!)

Exciting news today as IMAX have confirmed that there will be "a SHORT, 15 second trailer for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince prior to The Dark Knight."

Warner Brothers have not yet confirmed this to be true, so stay tuned for more information! The Dark Knight opens in theatres July 18, 2008 in the U.S. and July 25th in the U.K.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince will be released in theatres worldwide on November 21st 2008.

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Additional High Res HBP Images

Warner Brothers has today sent over high resolution stills of the images that were previously seen in this month's Empire magazine (Scans here).

Breakfast in the Great Hall

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Take Part in the 2008 Birthday Project!

It's that time of year again, when we begin to plan for Rupert's birthday and invite the fans to take part and wish their favorite actor a 'Happy Birthday!'

This years birthday project will consist of three mini projects that - come August - will be put together to form another large, online, interactive birthday card! The three categories are as follows: Songwriting/Singing, Fan Signs, and Mementos. You do not have to participate in all three! Choose whichever project strikes your fancy. :)

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