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If there's one thing you should know about Rupert Grint, 13, it's that he's got more personality than 20 Adam Sandlers stuffed together in one room. Which is probably why he won over the director in his audition tape for the part of Ron in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Not to mention he also sported the same flaming-red hair and freckles. But there is a major difference between the two boys--one is make-believe!

When did you discover that you wanted to be an actor?
I always wanted to go into acting. I went to an after-school drama class for two years, and I did a lot of school plays.

Tell us about your audition for HP.
I was really nervous. Even when I left the audition I was nervous. I went to meet the producer and the director and read another bit of the script, and then I went to do the screen test at the studio.

How did you find out you got the part?
I was with Emma [Watson, who plays Hermione], and they took us into the [director] Chris Columbus's office and he told us that we were going to be in the film.

That must've been amazing!
I was so excited I nearly fainted.

How are you and Ron similar?
We both have orange hair. We also have big families--I have three sisters and one brother. Since my brothers are bigger than me, I get hand-me-downs. And my brother is a "prefect." Ron is a wimp and I get scared easily, too.

Really?! What scares you?
The dark... and spiders! I just run from them. I don't have the courage to squash them.

How are you two different?
I'm shorter, I don't have as many freckles as Ron, and I can't do magic.

What's your favourite scene in the movie?
I love the Train scene. It's really sweet. Devil's Snare is also incredible. It's amazing... brilliant!

Did you get to do any cool stunts, or did you have a double?
I did one in the Devil's Snare scene. They attached me to a harness and a safety rope, pulled me about 50 feet up in the air and then dropped me down. I landed on the Devil's Snare. I was afraid of heights at the time, but after I did that I wasn't scared.

Before the Sorcerer's Stone, you did a bunch of school plays. Tell us about them.
The most recent one was Rumpelstiltskin. I played Rumpel--that was fun. I like playing the bad guy.

How about working on future projects? Are you working on a film right now?
I just finished it, actually. It's called Thunderpants. I play the best friend. He's a geeky kind of character and he helps out the other boy. I had to have my hair permed and wear fake teeth for the role. I looked like a real dork.

Is your hair still permed?
I just had it straightened to go back to school!

What was your favourite magic trick in the movie?
The invisibility cloak. That was real cool.

What magical power would you like to have?
I'd like to levitate.

Was there anything on the set you wanted to take home?
My rat. I couldn't take him home, though. I also liked the sweets--jelly beans and chocolate frogs.

Do you think Ron will end up marrying Hermione in the future?
I don't know. I think they'll get together.

So how would you like to see the whole Harry Potter series end?
I want Ron to stand up to Malfoy and punish him.


Rupert's Favourite Things

Which Harry Potter book is your favourite? The fourth one [Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire] is amazing. It's scary. But I like all the books. You've got to read them all to get the complete Harry Potter experience.

Who is your favourite Potter character? I especially like Ron. Sometimes you feel so sorry for him because he's always getting stuff from his brothers. And he's got a fat, lazy rat.

What is your favourite type of music?
Loads of types, but I like rap.

All-time favourite movie?
I like all Jim Carrey films. They're really funny.

Favourite hobbies?
I like to swim and ride my bike.

What's your favourite subject in school?
Chemistry. You get to mix potions and stuff. It came in handy with the movie.

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