Rupert Grint's Film Roles

Ron Weasley
Rupert's claim to fame, Ron Weasley is Harry Potter's loyal sidekick. Coming from a poor family, Ron has real values. He would do anything for his two best friends Harry and Hermione. Does he have feelings for Hermione which are more than platonic? Deathly Hallows certainly made their relationship clear!

To date, Rupert has played Ron Weasley in all Harry Potter films. The seventh film, split into two parts, will be released in November 2010 and July 2011. Still plenty of memorable Ron moments to be seen on the big screen!

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Allan A. Allan
A young scientist who aides a boy named Patrick to turn his horrible wind problem into his advantage.

To get into character, Rupert had to have his hair permed and was given a fake pair of teeth to wear! It was his first major role outside of the Harry Potter series, although this fact is commonly overlooked by the media.

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Ben Marshall
"Shy" and "downtrodden" are the words used to describe 17 year old Ben Marshall, a vicars son who joins a slightly mad actress on a journey to Edinburgh to escape his patronising and over-protective mother. While on this journey, Ben learns he has to find his own way to grow up and break free from his overbearing mother.

The character of Ben is actually modelled after screenwriter/director Jeremy Brock!

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A teen hailing from Belfast, Northern Ireland with your typical summer job at a leisure centre. Malachy has earned the reputation amongst the adults he knows of being a smart, good kid. However, his best friend Luke knows better. When Malachy and Luke are together, wild times are ahead! Especially once a new girl struts into town, and both boys begin competing for her affections.

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Tony unexpectedly becomes an apprentice to a professional hitman named Victor after 'interrupting' one of Victor's hit jobs. Tony is completely oblivious to the fact that Victor is an assassin, instead being under the impression that his boss is a private detective.

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Rupert is set to reprise his role as Ron Weasley in Deathly Hallows when it hits theatres this month!

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