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Do you want to advertise on Rupertgrint.net like other large companies? That is possible. The costs of an advertorial is 295 euros. The advertorial must meet the following requirements.

Text length at least 500 words

Up to 2 outgoing dofollow links

Provided with an image, without copyright

Guest blog

So it is possible to provide a guest blog. Make sure it meets the requirements above. Then mail to jcommandeur1@gmail.com. The placement is then often made in order within a day, depending on the other content. The invoice will then be sent directly to you and must be paid within 14 days.

A domain with a lot of authority (let’s keep it that way)

Rupertgrint.net is a domain with a lot of authority within the Harry Potter niche. Let’s keep it that way. The question is therefore to pay extra attention to the quality of the guest blogs and advertorials.

Too often we receive guest blogs with many language errors. This costs us extra work, but it also takes longer before your guest blog is online. So let’s strive together to provide the greatest possible value for the readers of Rupertgrint.net.

Domain authority and trust flow

I have already checked more thoroughly: the authority of Rupert Grint is very high, ten of other websites within the niches. Rupert Grint wins out in terms of authority even against large Harry Potter websites/stores. To map this out, we look at the Domain Rating, Domain Authority, Trust Flow and Citation Flow. All three metrics are very high.

Domain Authority: 46
Domain rating: 26
Trust flow: 26

A guest blog can therefore be very interesting and valuable to create more brand awareness within the market. This is also one of the reasons why many companies advertise on Rupertgrint.net.

Other ways of working together

Of course we are also open to other ways of working together. However, we do not exchange links. On Rupert Grint, it’s only about refunded placements. We do this because we ourselves are looking for quality placements, in order to further strengthen the authority.

It is possible to write a piece for Rupertgrint.net every month. We have a very reasonable rate for companies that purchase a minimum subscription. It is also possible to resell the placement (therefore also interesting for agencies). Quickly contact jcommandeur1@gmail.com for more information.


Advertise now on Rupert Grint and put your company in the spotlight. Rupert Grint has a Domain authority of 46 (!)

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